(Last Updated On: March 9, 2019)

Dick Tett is still slogging away at making a brand new KSI and it is getting closer to fruition. In the meantime, he popped out a junior version for his nine year-old son, Keir. The bike is based on a Kawasaki KX65. Dick likes to think of it now as a KawaSakI.

As Dick told us – “It was his own idea, guess I must be bringing him up well enough. He knows I couldn’t afford a new bike for him so he asked for a makeover on his brother’s old one before it got passed down the family tree. I was about to get the green paint tin out yet again when he said ‘Dad, do you think you could you do it like your KSI?’ and the challenge was on. My fave bit is the black and yellow ‘Moates’ bars, and Keir is big on the fork gaiters (and he will never know how hard THEY were to find in a mini size!).”

The junior KSI is a very stylish machine and certainly unique.