(Last Updated On: March 9, 2019)

Mark, from Remar Cables, a VMX advertiser, sent in some info and photos of his rather unusual SL125.

The short story is that Mark thinks the bike is a rare pre-production model. From the research he has done, it seems as though Honda brought this bike into Australia in 1970 as a test bike.

Apparently it was used only around the warehouse and it is definitely totally original, it has not been built up from parts. The bike has 9,785 km and has not been used off-road. Some of the odd features that Mark has documented include:

  • The frame number is SL90K ~ 25384 yet it is a SL125.
  • Can’t be a SL100 because they don’t have a tacho.
  • The Carburettor is a #20 instead of a #22.
  • The seat has rivets on the sides.
  • The muffler follows the rear sub frame.
  • High and low slung front mud guards with bike. Low guard has fork brace.
  • Front wheel is 2.75-19.
  • Rear wheel is 3.25-17.
  • There is no engine number.
  • Tail light is ‘wrong’.
  • The tank has badges not transfer.

Mark has also been told that the head is sandcast. If anyone out there has any evidence on the bike’s likely history then please get in touch.