Last updated on April 22, 2019

by Ken Smith

The very first VMX Magazine Classic Dirt in 2000 happened to incorporate my birthday so it was a great start to the two decades of Classic Dirt events I’ve attended.

What I love more than anything is the smiling faces at every event — there’s no anxiety about missing your race or your bike breaking down — just relaxation and fun. Meeting old faces and new every year, people of all abilities and backgrounds, but with a common love of old dirt bikes, just never gets old.

Some people build their bikes a year in advance to take to the event and then they’ll just have to ride one lap and it will be all worthwhile — there’s no better feeling. I also like that even though the event has grown, and spawned a few copycat events, the basic essence has never changed and the ‘feel’ of VMX Magazine Classic Dirt still remains the yardstick. There’s a lot to be said for being the “original”.

Thank you.