(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

Words and photo by Steve Campbell (Florida, USA)

The bike was originally purchased from eBay and it looked like it was preserved in a time capsule. It was purchased from a woman directly outside of Detroit, Michigan.

The bike was shipped directly to Bill Clem @ Great Escape Cycle in Signal Hill, California. Mr. Clem deserves all the restoration credit as I only secured

the bike and funded the project. No one knows more about Elsinores than Bill Clem.

Modifications include:

  • All new equipment from the ground up…tires, cables, levers, bars, chain, sprockets, bushings, bearings, etc
  • Motor completely disassembled and built to racing standards – porting, head milling, cases matched, stronger rod, rebuilt crank
  • Factory Works Honda RC Pipe
  • Suspension completely rebuilt – 43mm forks and rear shock
  • Complete Honda CR480R front end including double-leading- shoe front brake assembly
  • 43mm Aluminum Billet Upper and Lower Triple Clamps
  • Pro Taper Bars
  • 2008 CRF450 Foot Pegs
  • NOS 1981 Clutch/Water Pump Assembly – eliminates the Magnesium corrosion problem
  • Magnesium clutch/water pump cover was the was the primary reason I decided not to invest in a 1983 CR125R restoration