(Last Updated On: January 12, 2019)

Words and photos by Brian Mayfield

I raced as a kid at Indian Dunes, Muntz and sometimes at Carlsbad. My main club was CMC Motocross. I have never left the Motorcycle world and over the years I’ve tried my hand at roadracing and vintage MX. I did run a bike for a season with the SVRG in SoCal but returned to the street where I am a Prospect in the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club Chapter 101.

I have the ‘return to your roots’ itch again and have bought an Evo class Kawasaki for racing and also this 1973 DKW Enduro. It came from a friend who had restored about 90% of it then I did some minor touches to help finish it off. I may enter it in a few ISDT type vintage events but parts are a bit hard to get if something gets damaged.

The bike is a ’73 with a six speed, all the electrics work and she runs fine, just a bit slow by current standards. I also restored a WW2 DKW which I sold last year, I have a thing for DKW as a child my Dad had a DKW sports car….so its always been in my life. I live in Southern California not far from where McQueen rode his bikes!