(Last Updated On: December 19, 2019)

Sou Fong – Sales and Marketing Manager

Sou Fong - Sales and Marketing Manager
Sou Fong – Sales and Marketing Manager

Greetings VMXMag readers! On behalf of the VMXMag team, I just wanted to say a humble thank you to all patrons who supported VMX Magazine Classic Dirt 15 at our new venue in 2019. Those who attended mimicked the same sentiment which was: it felt intimate so part of our objective were met.  

In anticipation of future events, I spoke with several of our VMXMag Classic Dirt enthusiasts who have attended this annual event since number 1 and they kept emphasising that they urgently require the 2020 dates so that they can schedule their calendar around it and it was a legitimate excuse to get reacquainted with old mates and meeting new soulmates at this annual “spiritual” pilgrimage.

Awesome news! there is a confirmed date: 5-7 June 2020 and track venue: Grevillia near Kyogle, New South Wales.
Without “you”, there is no “us” so come to your next VMXMag Classic Dirt 16, we look forward to seeing some old and new faces. In this instance, the VMXMag tagline has been rejuvenated to the following: “New Dirt, Same Old Bikes but More Fun!”

From the VMXMag team: peace and love to all for this festive season, see you in the new year!