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(Last Updated On: April 3, 2024)

Great News!! ‘VMX Magazine now has a digital edition.

You can add this to your CURRENT print subscription for just $15.00 extra.

We’ll add a digital subscription starting with the current issue and expiring when your print subscription expires.

Depending on how many issues you have left in your current subscription, we’ll refund you for the digital issues you don’t receive, compared to a full subscription.

For example, if you have two issues left, you will be credited $7.00.

When you next renew your subscription, you’ll get an option to continue with 4 issues of both print and digital or go back to just print editions.

This offer is only valid if you have an existing active Print Subscription to VMX Magazine!

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Please Note: you need to include the password you’d like for your digital access. Enter that in the box provided at the checkout page.

VMX Magazine… Same old dirt. Same old bikes. Same old fun. And now you can read your VMX on your computer, tablet or phone.



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