(Last Updated On: July 15, 2021)

CD16 Postponed

It is now four weeks out from our intended date of 6-8 August and the only thing that is crystal clear is that COVID-19 is back with a vengeance. We wanted to wait as long as possible to make an announcement but still give everyone at least four weeks advance notice of any change of plans.
We want everyone to be able to enjoy the fantastic new venue at Grevillia and right now, we can’t be certain that anyone will be able to attend. The situation in NSW and the potential for even more border shutdowns has just forced us to hit the ‘Postponement’ button. The problems are just increasing with the extended greater Sydney lockdown and the Government stay at home orders.
The amount of work put in by the property owner, sponsors, supporters and the tiny team here at VMX Magazine would all be for nought if we pressed on and many people who had booked had to be locked out.
The next four weeks are just filled with questions without answers.
If only we could be certain but sadly we can’t and we are devastated to have to make this announcement.
Where to from here? If only we knew. We will keep you posted and look for potential dates later this year, as will everyone else who has had to postpone their event, so it won’t be easy. But more than anything we still want to showcase Three Pines MX Park to you and host a fabulous VMX Magazine Classic Dirt 16 – the original and very best vintage and classic dirt bike event!
All current entries will be carried forward. Further enquiries to ken@vmxmag.com.au

Thank you to our sponsors

Thanks as always to our sponsors Rat Racing, Brick Lane Brewing, BTW Communications, Engineered Environments, Harley & Co, Kyogle Motorcycles, Link International, Motion Pro, Polaris, Polisport, Preston Petty Products, Tyres & More – Kyogle, Wurth and Yamalube.